Családfakutatás akár az 1700-as évekig visszamenőleg...

Családfakutatási Szolgáltatás

Know yo­ur past, know Yo­urs­elf!

Would you like to know who your ancestors were? Why You were the one who born? Whose genetic heritage do you inherit? Where do you come from? What was the religion and the ethnic of your ancestors? May noble blood runs in your veins? Prepare your family tree and light will shine quickly!

You can surprise your loved ones too! Gold wedding, wedding anniversary, birthdays are all great opportunities for a serious, lifelong gift that brings tears to your eyes!


My name is Krisztina Szücs, a dedicated family tree researcher with a degree in economics.

Making of my own family tree made me enthusiastic to endear this kind of research 15 years ago. Since then, I have delighted many people with a beautiful family tree, or curiosities about their ancestors. I have lifted the veil of long-forgotten secrets and verified (or not) the correctness of family legends several times.

Many of us inquired where we came from, where our ancestors came from. I recommend my family tree research service to them.


Research is a wonderful thing that I pursue with great passion. I’m glad to help taking over this complicated, energy-consuming job from them, because research for an ordinary person sometimes lasts for years.
During my job, I comb through thousands of pages of registers for data often in Latin and I visit archives and libraries. I cogitate, I look for correlations and support all the data I find with facts. Name changes are often mean difficulty, or the repetition of names in settlements is frequent. I also try to overcome these obstacles.

I most often make straight family trees. This means that I list all available parent pairs from the starting person. If I start back in time on the line of an adult, I will get to 6-7 generations in the registers, until the early 1800s, sometimes even the 1700s! It is an infinitely exciting feeling to see the names of long-forgotten ancestors in old registry entries, to see into their lives, as if we were on a time travel.

When handing over the family tree, the Customer will know the name, place of origin, occupation, as well as their ethnicity, the religion and social status of their predecessors. If the documents also hide interesting things like double weddings with siblings, hidden children, family dramas, I also record them. Sometimes the existence of a noble rank is also revealed.

When You contact me, I will send you a spreadsheet, which I will fill out and wait back to start working. The more the starting point, the more likely the research will lead to success. The most important information is the sure knowledge of denominational affiliation and place of residence. Deaths are especially important as well, because I rarely find them randomly, only if I search purposefully in a given year, in a given settlement.

It is important to emphasize that I can only search for ancestors in Hungary!
If the traces leads to abroad, the involvement of a local researcher is required at an additional cost. The time to complete the family tree is about 1-2 months from the start.

Nowadays it is very popular to investigate our origin by DNA testing. My Clients often ask how it differs from my work. The answer is very simple: a lot of work! A percentage value is detected from the taken, submitted DNA sample, which indicates the geographical, ethnic group type of the individual's origin. Because a lot of people do this, a huge database is created and there is a high probability of finding relatives with whom we share some percentage of our genetic stock, i.e. a very distant relative - because we had a common ancestor, e.g. in the 1700s. But this research stops here. It is important to note that when ordering such a test, all the risks of storing personal data must be taken into account, as our genetic information will now be in the database of the testing company.


Vélemények Rólam

"The events of the 20th century tossed my ancestors back and forth and dismantled my family, so I knew little about my ancestors. We also had a lot of family beliefs, but there was almost nothing to provide accurate information. Although I have tried hard to decipher the threads, I have not made much progress over the years. Kriszti's professionalism and enthusiasm were needed to find out if that part of the family legend is really (!) true, and the story of my ancestors who had lived several generations before to come to life! I could only give her a total of two names and a date of birth-death as a starting point. What I got from her later in return was amazing! Names and years were accompanied by actual stories that shaped the characters into real characters and made family events understandable. I am very grateful for her work! I wholeheartedly recommend Kriszti to others on the journey to discovery their own family history."

Ildikó Bánlaki-Zakó
"If you're even a little interested in who your ancestors are, I wholeheartedly recommend Kriszti to you. If you think you have little information about your family, or just remember in principle, from a dropped sentence about your family from your older relatives, feel free to turn to Kriszti, because if someone, she is sure to find out what you've never thought about your family. That’s what happened to me, and in the end, struggling with my tears, I held my family tree in my hand, which was a real surprise gift to the older members of my family, whom I caused tremendous happiness with the help of Kriszti. In addition to the family tree, I also received photos, stories, and many distant but living relatives from Kriszti, and on top of all that, I can safely say that I also got a girlfriend in person with whom we corresponded many times at night when she came across another small family story / or a new relative.
Kriszti is a real jewel who puts her heart and soul into the research work of your family tree and has fantastic expertise! I hope I'll be able to commission her for research the other branch of my family soon, but I'm still gathering information for that issue."

Erika Óvári
"Getting to know yourself is never easy. You may realize that not all your thoughts, and feelings are probably yours. Seeing repetitions in the family is simply awesome. Getting to know the past is the key to the future, and Kriszti helped me with that. I am grateful for her enthusiasm, support and perseverance in searching for ancestors and their secrets."

Adrienn Varga-Czakó
"Kriszti did a very thorough and fast job. Her enthusiasm as she was researching the missing links was immersive. In the research, which was hampered by several name changes, she also found ancestors I didn't even hope for."

Marianna Nánási
"It was so good. It was a great joy and excitement! I especially recommend this goosebumps experience and Krisztina"

Anett Sutus-Nagy
"Hi there! I can only recommend Kriszta! She is precise, fast, very fair and puts her heart into it. It was good to think with her! Search for her!"

Ágnes Parnaki

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